Malaysian Supperclub February 20th, 6pm.

With Chef Norman Musa

Ekachai Liverpool Street. £39 per person.

5 courses of modern Malaysian cooking in a relaxed and fun environment with dishes designed to share. There will be a full bar and table service throughout the night.

We have only 80 tickets available, to book please contact the restaurant directly on 0207 626115 and book over the phone by credit or debit card.

Alternatively send us an email at with your booking requirements and we’ll get back to you.


First Course

Pan-fried duck with hoisin, black pepper and sesame served with crispy
crackers, greens & ‘sushi rolls’ with spiced desiccated coconut,
lemongrass and dried shrimps filling

Second Course

Prawns cooked with tamarind, marmite and mild chilli served with
salted duck egg on top vermicelli noodle salad delicately infused with
Nyonya flavour and sprinkled with chilli oil

Third Course

Creamy chicken & roasted butternut squash and sweet potato with a
hint of laksa flavour topped which spiced chicken floss, crushed
pistachios & pine nuts, lemongrass & rocket infused oil and chilli flakes
as a garnish – intense Malaysian fusion flavour in a bowl

Fourth Course

Aromatic seafood – calamari, scallop, prawns & mussels cooked in a
home blend ground mixed spices, lemongrass, chilli & coconut gravy
served with jasmine rice topped with specially selected herbs and
ginger flower

Fifth Course

Pre-dessert – Malaysian flavoured ice-lollies – Asam Boi (sweet and
lightly salted sour plum)

A bowl of Malaysian Sweets Explosion – pandan flavoured with cashew

WIN 1 of 500 Meals @ Our Interactive Wall In Wandsworth

Here is a time-lapse video we recorded of our interactive wall being spray painted. This mural has been painted on the outside of our Wandsworth restaurant to promote our current competition to WIN 1 of 500 FREE Meals which we setup to celebrate the complete refurbishment of our restaurant.

The Wall illustrates the three main areas from where Ekachai’s street food originates; Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.

In each scene there is an interactive element that children, adults and families are able to get involved with and have fun becoming part of the country of their choice.

Thailand offers giant chopsticks to pick up some giant sui mai, Thailand illustrates a group scene of fisherman perfect for families and Malaysia is identified by a traditional becak bicycle you can “hop on and ride”.

Children, adults and families can pose, have fun and capture it with a photograph.The photos are submitted to Facebook, twitter and instagram tagging #Ekachai.